Harness the power of Spatial Computing
Enter theFuture ofReal Estate
Our mission is to craft immersive and spatial computing experiences that are set to revolutionize the world of real estate development, architecture, and interior design.

Our Vision Pro App and Experiences

We provide unparalleled experiences in visualizing, exploring, and customizing real estate projects, thanks to the power of Apple Vision Pro and next-gen Immersive Technologies.

Redefine interior design with advanced XR & LIDAR technology. Let users edit and personalize spaces, placing virtual furniture in the real world, creating an interactive and customizable experience.

Spark creativity with Generative AI that suggests Real-Time interior design styles based on what users are seeing. Elevate your designs with personalized and innovative suggestions.

Be at the forefront of innovation. RKTKS empowers you to capture the essence of your vision and showcase intricate projects with the highest render quality. Contact us for a demo!

Our portfolio. Our portfolio. Our portfolio. Our portfolio.

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Immerse yourself in projects rendered and designed with the highest quality

RKTKS is not just an app, it's a movement towards a brighter, more visually stunning future in real estate.


Only renowned Italian architects for renowed immersive experiences.

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